A Decoder, Healer, and Teacher of the new world. He’s given thousands of people globally their purpose in life, as well as performed miracles for the internally ill. He teaches the truth about the wonders of the world, so that mankind can finally experience internal peace. Jules Cristo has created system's, in which mankind can now receive the power back into their hands. He’s not a Medium, nor a Psychic. He’s known as a Modern Watchman.  Jules discovered he had a rare ability at the age of 25. He learned he could “Decode” any person he came across, male or female, no matter their age, no matter what language. He can communicate with any person, even a total stranger, and just by asking their full name. He can tell them their purpose. 


Every person’s name is unique to them, so are companies & brands. He sees images and words and from there, Jules pieces together the decoding. He can tell you facts about yourself, or your business that only you know. There are other things that others who are closest to you can confirm. Ultimately, he can tell you your purpose in life.


He began using social media without face to face contact and without utilizing public information to decode individuals. He wanted these individuals to experience a moment that would forever change their lives. They were able to experience their future through decoding.  He is able to tell you your character traits, what hinders you from serving your purpose, or he can tell you your actual purpose in life.  Not long after, Jules went public with his ability on social media and it began to spread like wildfire. With this information, he hopes to enlighten others by teaching them the ability to achieve self-improvement, purpose, & peace.