This new Bodycam will allow The Internal Affairs agents to track police officers GPS location, view live feed of their activities while on duty with sound, & direct officers with arrest. Not only will police officers have to wear a body cam of this magnitude, but ear pieces as well. Whether an officer is detaining a suspect or a simple traffic stop, police officers will be in communication  & instructed by The Internal Affairs agents to take necessary steps before taking action. This means officers will have to follow the law without error.


The Internal Affairs agents and officers, will have to be in full compliance. Officers will not be allowed to turn off their bodycams until the end of the work day. If an officer is caught turning off their bodycam, an immediate suspension without pay should take place until The Internal Affairs does a complete full on investigation. If an officer is caught turning off their bodycam more than 2 times without prior fault from the previous incident within their career, the officer will be terminated without receiving their retirement or pension.This live feed of footage will be uploaded to a cloud service platform for reviewing purposes.


American citizens that are cited for a traffic violation or an arrest, will be able to download and review their incident with their previous encounter with law enforcement. Citizens will be able to login by inputting their full name, social security number, or citation number. Law enforcement agencies, judges, attorneys & politicians will be able to view the feed as well.This will not only eliminate police brutality, but it will hold law enforcement accountable for their police officers actions, as well as their actions of monitoring them.


If we want to create a new police department without error, this should be one of the primary steps the government should implement. This will certainly filter out the good cops from the bad cops. Change starts with ideas. Let’s begin this process by creating a new infrastructure within the police department.