This will give you 24 hours access digitally to Reveal through Instagram. You have 1 day to ask as many questions as possible within your 24 hour time slot. Once payment has been made, you must follow the Instagram User Name @RevealTheAnswers


Once you follow the Instagram page, one of our team members will give you access to the page by following you back. One of our team members will create an IG Story tagging your user name, along with a 24 hour time clock so that you are aware of your playing time. Once the 24 hour clock runs down, you will no longer have access to @RevealTheAnswers.

PLEASE NOTE: We are aware that some people may screenshot/save the cards from their phone, or desktop computer. Please keep in mind that this is a spiritual experience. The system will not work, if you try this method or any other method. You must follow the rules if you want Reveal to work for you.

  • RULE 1: In order for Reveal to work, you must believe in The Mother & The Father (The God's). Example:  Holy Mother Spirit, Father God ... will I get a job promotion this year in 2021?


  • RULE 2: Do not ask several questions within one question. You must ask 1 question and be as detail and specific about your question.

  • RULE 3: You can not be lazy when asking questions. You must use your energy and really believe you are communicating with The Mother & The Father.


  • RULE 4After asking your question, you will scroll through the Instagram post feed with your eyes closed moving your finger/thumb around through the post feed of Reveal cards. This will act as a shuffling guide. You will then stop when you feel as though you're ready to pick your first card. While your eyes are still closed, double tap on the post, in which it should have landed on a Reveal card. Once the card reveals itself, you must do this 2 more times. A total of 3 cards should be drawn.


  • RULE 5: You must read the decode meaning of the card and not just take the word presented on the card as the answer. Once you read the decode meaning of that particular word, you must correlate it to your question. A more simplified meaning of the card will be noted in the caption of the post.